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With the onset of the cold weather around the campus, a number of students are taking up indoor sports which do not expose them to extreme weather change. Among the popular indoor sports that the KSC students have taken up with zeal is Tae kwondo. Popularity of Taekwondo as a martial art is almost fever pitch, other martial arts that have attempted to penetrate student interests have failed miserably. There was karate which came and went. Then there was shorinji kenpo which almost died as soon as it was introduced. Ton IL moon also came in as a martial art but did not see the light of day. All these have left Taekwondo going strong among the KSC students.

The training area in Uhuru Hall is abuzz with activity every 6pm up to 7.30 pm when one hears those characteristic noises associated with throwing a punch here and there, blocking a kick or just carrying out routine stretches typical of Taekwondo. Notably both men and women attend the trainings in the evening with a lot of enthusiasm. Students from other sports have also been spotted attending the trainings to be able to improve their general body fitness. Indeed Taekwondo is an outlet for stress especially after a hard day’s academic work.

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