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New Lecture Theatre (Science Complex)


The New Lecture Theatre is a Modern Lecturing and Conferencing facility  with the following:

Capacity of 500+

  • Wired Internet connection
  • Wireless Internet
  • Two motorized Mounted Projectors with four  inputs
  • Motorized Screen
  • Full Audio system (DVD/CD Input and Direct audio Jack input)

The system can be operated from the front or a room at the back ideal for a full multimedia Lecturing where the Lecturer is unable to Lecture from the front.

Location: Science Complex (KSC)

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Deputy Principal's Message


Ngong Road opp. The Junction Mall

P. O. Box 30596-00100 or 30197-00100 Nairobi

Email: kscampus@uonbi.ac.ke


Tel : (254-020) 2480720

      :(254-020) 2665250


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