The annual FRISBEE East Africa Sand Tournament (FEAST) V 2013

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The annual FRISBEE East Africa Sand Tournament (FEAST) V 2013 was held in Mombasa over the Easter break between 30th and 31st march 2013 at the Tiwi Beach. FEAST (Frisbee East Africa Sand Tournament) started in the year 2009 and is played annually on the Kenya beaches. The sport itself has been played in Kenya for over 50 years.

University of Nairobi Kenya Science Campus, which has been playing the game since 2011, entered a Team of 12 players made up of 8men and 4 women. The sport is played on  a mixed team format.

The campus through the efforts of the Deputy Principal Prof. Isaac Jumba, supported the students through moral and financial support, indeed the students were thrilled at the support from the campus. The team also went out to solicit for support and managed to secure a sponsor, Nairobi Ultimate Pick up team, who paid for the return fare to Mombasa-north coast, plus the tournament fees which was at the rate of ksh3000 per person.

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport played using a flying disc. The objective of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposite end zone, similar to the in-goal area in rugby. Players may not run with the disc and must keep a pivot while holding the disc.

Being their first time to play on the sandy beach, UoN Team tried their best and at least won one game but lost the other 5 by small margins against teams from Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Tanzania,the team however learnt a lot especially on values in sport like Honesty, Timekeeping, Smart play, spirit of the Game, Socialization and utmost commitment.

According to Mr. Okech the Games Tutor, this is a rapidly growing sport which will in future be introduced to all other campuses of the university and he is hopeful the sports department will support its growth. Currently only Kenya Science plays this game and has also acquired equipment for disc golf, another slower version of Frisbee.









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