Swearing in Ceremony of newly elected UNESA 2018/2019 Officials

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A group photo of the Deputy Principal, Prof. Horace Ochanda, the Assistant Dean of Students, Mr. Samson Mutinda, the Student's Counsellor, Dr. Pamela Lunjalu, the Admin Asistant, Mr. Stephen Kiboi and the Kenya Science Campus UNESA 2018/2019 Officals taken immediately after the swearing ceremony.


The UNESA Officials’ swearing in ceremony was held at the Kenya Science Campus Boardroom following the conclusion of elections held on Friday, April 27 2018 and which elections were free and fair. The elections had brought out both new and old faces from previous leadership. The swearing in ceremony was presided over by the Deputy Principal, Prof. Horace Ochanda who congratulated the UNESA officials for their election to the various positions and commended the students for electing all year groups and ensuring there was representation across the board for continuity unlike the previous years. He noted with a lot of appreciation the adherence to the one third gender rule as stipulated in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 as there were five (5) female students elected, an increase of three from the previous leadership. He reminded the newly elected UNESA Leadership to remember the ethos of good leadership which connotes servant leadership.

The Deputy Principal reiterated that the UNESA was a professional group representing students from a professional perspective and there was need for them to understand the same from the offset. He also reminded the leadership that their core business at the campus was academic and that the UNESA activities are funded by the Campus as opposed to UNSA whose activities fall under the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) docket. He spoke at length on students exercising responsibility in their leadership as any misappropriation of funds would be lumped on the respective student(s) portal as owing to the campus.

The elected UNESA team shall be taken for a leadership workshop in the course of their term in office to empower them on the same without being exorbitant. The Deputy Principal also reaffirmed that flow of information was critical and there was need to adhere to protocol before escalation of issues to the highest office. He informed the students that students are always given a platform to bring out issues during monthly meetings and they should endeavor to use the said forum for the same to ensure their stay at the campus is ambient.

The Assistant Dean of Students, Mr. Samson Mutinda and the Student Counselor, Dr. Pamela Lunjalu, had congratulated the team on their elections and challenged the students to demonstrate high moral standards as well as supporting their fellow students facing social and moral challenges. Dr. Lunjalu threw the spanner in the works by imploring the students leadership to improve on their dressing on both genders.

Prior to the Deputy Principal’s remarks, the outgoing UNESA Chairman, Mr. Lawrence M. Mutinda, congratulated the new leadership following their election and challenged them not to betray the confidence bestowed on them by the student fraternity. He reminded the leadership that UNESA was a professional body and should not be involved in politics and go overboard; it’s about good academic, ethical and moral standings. He also challenged the leadership to portray social and moral pattern in tandem with good mannerism and proper mode of dressing befitting their positions. He concluded by asking the leaders to be temperament and show a true picture of leadership.

The Incoming UNESA Chairman, Mr. Geofrey K. Kithega, commended the campus administration for conducting free, fair and well organized elections and reached out to his fellow leaders to support his leadership and work as a team. He challenged his fellow leaders to serve with humility, echoing the sentiments of the Deputy Principal and the immediate former chairman on servant leadership. He sought the commitment of his fellow leaders not to hold any bad feelings on their fellow opponents during the elections. He concluded by committing to cooperate with the administration as relates to the flow of information as relates to addressing of pressing issues.

The ceremony was concluded by the swearing in of the elected leaders who took oath of office and pledged to serve their fellow students and adhere to the set down rules and regulations. The administration and the student leadership took a group photo for posterity and as positive gesture towards working in harmony for the betterment of the welfare and image of the students and campus respectively.


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