Bachelor of Education (Science)

Degree Code:E37
Degree Name:Bachelor of Education (Science)
Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:


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Level : Non Specified
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
Introductory MicrobiologyView Description
Inorganic Chemistry 1 (general And Inorganic Chemistry)View Description
Introduction To PaleontologyView Description
Materials Of EarthView Description
GeometryView Description
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
Calculus IView Description
Fundamentals Of EcologyView Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
Plant EcologyView Description
Gymnosperm And Angiosperm TaxonomyView Description
Inorganic Chemistry 2 (s & P Block Elements)View Description
General GeneticsView Description
Physical Chemistry 2 (liquids Thermodynamics And Thermochemistry)View Description
Structural GeologyView Description
Principles Of MineralogyView Description
Introduction To Aerial Photo InterpretationView Description
Linear Algebra IView Description
Advanced CalculusView Description
Introduction AlgebraView Description
Vector AnalysisView Description
Semester: 3
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
Physical Chemistry 4 (thermodynamic Ii And Phase Equilibria)View Description
Inorganic Chemistry 3 (thoery Of Spectroscopic Methods)View Description
Analytical Chemistry 3 (use Of Computers In Chemistry)View Description
Analytical Chemistry 2 (instrumental Methods Of Analysis)View Description
Organic Chemistry 4 (amino Acids, Peptides Proteins Carbohydrates And Nucleic Acids).View Description
Igneous PetrologyView Description
Historical Geology.View Description
Global TectonicsView Description
Sedimentary PetrologyView Description
Introduction To GeophysicsView Description
Surveying For GeoscientistsView Description
Arid And Semi-arid Lands 1View Description
Algebra 1View Description
Real Analysis 1View Description
Probability And Statistics IiView Description
Dynamics IView Description

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